About Kate

1. Where does Kate spend her weekends?Kate spends her weekends in the country

2. Who lives in the country? Her granny lives in the country.

3. Is there a garden near the house? Yes, there is a garden near the house.

4. Does Kate like to play indoors? No, she dosen’t.

5. What games does Kate like to play? Kate likes to play hide-and-seek and tag.

6. What domestic animals has the granny got? Granny has got a horse, a cow and a dog.

7. What colour is the dog? What is its name? The dog is black and white. Its name is Tobby.

8. Does Kate go for a walk with Tobby? Yes, she does.

9. Why does Kate like her weekends in the country? She likes her weekends because she likes to play with her friends.

10. Do you like to spend your weekends in the country? Why? Yes. I do, but I don’t go to the country.

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