Ex. 5

We’re going to school.

In they aren’t playing the park.

You aren’t listening to me.

He is the playing guitar.

He isn’t sleeping.

Ex. 6

Isabel and Maria don’t read books. They are dancing.

Jane does not listen to music with headphones. He is resting.

The cat does not walk. He is sitting.

Peter and Ahmed do not play station. They are watching TV.

Ex. 7

Yes she is. No it is. Yes she is. No he is. No he is.

Ex. 8

2. Are they playing with a kite?.No, they are not.They are playing with a ball.

3. Is he driving a car?.Yes, he is.He is driving a car.

4. Is she picking flowers?No, she is not.She is picking appls.

5. Are they singing?No, they are not.They are dancing.6. Is she cooking chicken?No, she is not.She is cooking omlette.


The children are not playing in the house now.They are in the garden.At the moment. Ben is not ridding his bike.He is throwing snowballs.The girls are making a snowman.Look! The girls are not wearing their scarves.Their scarves are on the snowman! Can you sre Mam? Listen. She is singing.

Ex. 10

Dear Mam.We are having lovely weather to day.The sun is shining.I am wearing my favourite T_shirt and shorts.Ahmed and I are sitting under trees.We are eatting ice cream and we are listening to music.I love this place!LoveMark.

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